Episode 17: Dr Jenna Wheeler | Walk the Lake

Meet Dr Jenna Wheeler from Arnold Palmer Hospital in Orlando, Florida. Susan met Jenna on a family vacation gone-bad when Lorelei ended up in the APH Pediatric Intensive Care Unit.  Today we have a rare, candid conversation with an intensive care doctor because, when in medical mom life do we ever casually sit around and chat with an ICU doc that isn’t in the midst of a traumatic experience?? 

Topics we talked about that you do not want to miss:

  • Dr Wheeler was a “hospital kid” growing up and talks about how it has affected her practice. 
  • Medical Mamas know their kids best
  • She shares how she connects with her patients even on the tragic days

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  1. This was a great episode. I have to say I cried, I got anxious as I was knee deep in this, but I hysterically laughed at the 27′ camper question! Thank you Dr. Wheeler. I too love you dearly. Thank you for being amazing.

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