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After complications during labor, Elizabeth and her husband spent 36 precious, traumatic, beautiful, scary days on Earth with their son Kyan James.  Today she talks to us about their NICU experience, processing the unknown and then facing the worst case scenario, losing her first child.  We talk about grief. Lots and lots of grief – with a reminder to all mamas and families going through their own grief – just keep going. Elizabeth encourages you to give yourself grace and take your time, as much time as you need. 

Highlights you do not want to miss:

  • Together at the same time, without blending the two
  • The Bucket List in the NICU
  • Still: Grief is a personal journey and it’s gradual 

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  1. This was incredible to hear. I am friends with Elizabeth and Dustin- I am a pastor- I married them, and I also officiated Kyan’s funeral- and I will forever carry with me Elizabeth’s message when planning kyan’s funeral that kyan taught her what deep unconditional love is- he taught them what it means to be a mom- I will always be in awe of Dustin and Elizabeth and their incredible journey with Kyan. While I sat with Elizabeth to plan the service- Dustin loaded up my car with diapers and wipes (since I had triplet boys 2 months prior). I had no idea until they showed me and told me it’s what they needed to do.

    Our family looks up at the stars every year on Kyan’s birthday and we give thanks for his life!

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