Episode 20: Happy Mother’s Day Mama

We LOVE this unique and collaborative episode of When Autumn Comes!  With the help of our listeners we are celebrating all the mamas today!  We asked you to write a letter for a mama in a similar journey as yours, as a way to comfort and love on her.  You guys delivered.  Unfortunately we could not include every single letter but please know we read or listened to each one. We are grateful for your love and support. Happy Mothers Day! 

Letters You Do Not Want To Miss: 

2:40  Dear Mom Who is Breastfeeding and Pumping

3:44  Dear Medical Mom who is Fighting Anxiety

5:20  Dear Mom to my Disabled Child’s Peers

8:45  Dear Twin Mama

11:20  Dear Mama Who is Facing a Terminal Disease Diagnosis

14:04  Dear Mom Who has Medical AND Typical Children

17:05  Dear Godmothers, Aunties and Mother Figures

18:07  Dear Mom, from a Grandmother

20:14  Dear Aunt Struggling with Guilt

21:52  Dear Moms Watching Their Daughters Raise Complex Children

23:05  Dear Foster Mama

24:37  Dear Fellow Grieving Mothers

26:57  Dear Working Mother

27:54  Dear NICU Mom

29:58  Dear All Moms, Including My Mom in Heaven

32:05  Dear Mamas Who are Trying to Build Their Family

34:19  Dear Mom to a Child Who is Newly Diagnosed with Down Syndrome 

35:59  Dear Mama Who is So, So, So Tired

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