Episode 32: Leah | Stories

Meet Leah: She is articulate, creative, passionate and relatable to so many of us.  Today we share a candid, engaging  conversation between three moms. Leah has faced the ups and downs as a mom of three and she openly talks about it with us today.  Leah’s daughter, Jordan, has a rare chromosomal disorder called Cri Du Chat. She has twin boys, Oliver and Austin, who also contributed to her “medical motherhood” resume.  Leah is the definition of empathy, kindness and advocacy.  Her latest book, Loving You Big, is available for pre-order. 

Convos we shared that you can’t miss: 

  • The breaking point for mama
  • Power in communication and choices
  • Changing the narrative of disability 
  • Bringing the world in 

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