Episode 15: Stephanie | Authentic

Stephanie is a medical, special needs mama from Texas.  When her daughter Addie was born, she entered parenthood on the front row of the NICU Rollercoaster.  When facing the unexpected dips and twists and stops and gos of the coaster – Stephanie and her family decided they were not going to let Addie’s medical conditions, or the NICU/PICU, stop them from making the best of this journey. She is one of the most positive, upbeat mamas we have met and now, she is an author of a #1 best selling children’s book called Authentically Addie. 

Chit-Chats you do not want to miss:

  • The “something is wrong” conversation at the 20 week ultrasound
  • Making the best of the NICU
  • Self-care in the hospital
  • Authentically Addie 

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