Episode 79 Tia | To Trach or not to trach: Making medical decisions for our children

We know that it is scary to learn that your child(ren) may need extra pieces of medical equipment to survive. Medical technology should never be positioned to us as a “last resort” when in reality it is often life saving game changers for our kids.

Tia is here, sharing her family’s story. I met Tia and Hendrix when Benji and I were in the NICU and then we continued to cross paths frequently when Lorelei and I were in the PICU.

Tia talks about what it was like when they began to discuss a tracheostomy for her son, how it made them feel, the fears they faced and where they are now.

“I think that when we think of medical devices or medical equipment with kids, it’s like, ‘Dang, what quality of life are they gonna have?’ Well, they’re gonna have the quality of life that you provide for them!”-Tia

I hope today’s episode with Tia helped you see that even in the midst of big life decisions for your children, you have other families who see you and know how you feel. What big decisions have you had to make for your children? How has it made you feel? Let me know in the When Autumn Comes Society or send me a DM on Instagram! I’d love to hear about how this helped you.

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