Welcome back: we definitely ghosted you

Welcome back everyone! We are so excited for Season FIVE of When Autumn Comes! It has been a summer and we have a lot to catch up on.

Today, Susan fesses up about what happened at the end of season four. Season four ended? Why yes it did, but not in the way we intended. You see, Susan has been a busy bee outside of When Autumn Comes, working on some really exciting projects for medical moms. The podcast took a bit of a back seat, but for a really really good reason.  This episode, Susan introduces us to the most amazing, pink, water-front house where medical moms can escape and refresh. Moms-you are going to need to see this place, it is AMAZING! You also meet her wing-woman Christen, the one who reminds her to drink water and edits the podcast… But that is far less exciting than the house. For real, you gotta see the house.  

“It’s literally on top of the water.” -Susan

Here are the details from this episode:

  • Katrina, we are so sorry
  • Apricity Hideaway
  • Where is Diane?
  • Team of two
  • What is going on this season?
  • Is it a gala or a gayla?
  • An EPIC party
  • Benji update

We are so excited to launch another season of When Autumn Comes. More than that, we are so excited about the amazing things that the Apricity Hope Project is doing for medical mothers. What are we doing that is the most meaningful to you? Let me know in the When Autumn Comes Society or send me a DM on Instagram! I’d love to hear about how these projects have helped you.

Here at the Apricity Hope Project, we appreciate any size donation. Your donation will help fund our many projects such as hospital go-bags for medical moms, Take five meet-ups, Retreats for medical moms, and the When Autumn Comes Podcast. Donate HERE!  

Catch up with Suz:


When Autumn Comes:

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